What is it?

Fundraising Redefined.

Your organization has to fundraise, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and educational! FUNDAWAY™ is changing organizational fundraising by teaching participants how to run their own service-driven businesses instead of selling other people’s products.

Are you ready to redefine YOUR organization’s fundraising?

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About Fundaway

Service driven campaigns.

Instead of selling chocolate bars, magazines or other third-party products, our expert team will teach your members how to start their own local businesses to raise the funds. 

Focusing on their extended social network, FUNDAWAY™ offers each fundraiser the chance to select from our bank of innovative and proven services in exchange for customer donations.

How does Fundaway work?


Choose the services your members will be allowed to offer donors in their stores.

Members will then customize what is offered in each of their stores based on parameters you set.


Track the campaign’s progress in real-time

Organizations can view by campaign, team and even individual member at a glance


Keep more of the money you raise

FUNDAWAY™ campaigns generate up to 99% profit for each user.


No Risk Campaigns

Users who don’t sell any services don’t pay any fees.