What is it?

Fundraising Redefined.

You need to raise funds? Well guess what? It doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, educational and rewarding! FUNDAWAY® is changing the way Individuals, Teams and Organizations are raising funds by going back to the basics and teaching participants how to run their own service-driven businesses instead of selling other people’s products or asking others to give you money.
With our proprietary software at the fingertips of you and your members, your fundraising goals are now in reach using our highly efficient, cost-effective system.

How is it different
About Fundaway

Service Driven Campaigns.

Instead of selling chocolate bars, wrapping paper, magazines or other third-party products, our expert team will teach you and your members how to start their own local services fundraising campaigns. 

Focusing only on their extended social network, through our proprietary software system accessed through their desktop, laptop or smart phone, FUNDAWAY® offers each fundraiser the chance to select from a wide selection of innovative and proven everyday services in exchange for the customer's purchase of the service. Contained within our Fundaway® Services bank are over 100 services which people of all ages can provide - many of which can even be performed remotely without any physical contact at all and others that can be accomplished with proper Social Distancing employed in today’s Covid-19 environment. Users operate their very own Fundaway® Stores online complete with all the ready-made tools they need to solicit, secure and manage the service needs of their very own Fundaway® customers. And best of all, parents of Fundaway® users who are under the age of 18 are required to monitor and accept every service request received from their customers and oversee the handling of the funds the raise!


Work Ethic Taught
Work Ethic Rewarded.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Work Ethic as “a belief in work as a moral good; a set of values centered on the importance of doing work and reflected especially in a desire or determination to work hard.” While soliciting others to just give you money out of the goodness of their hearts certainly has its place in fundraising, so does providing something of value to others in exchange for something they need!

Whether you want your daughter to raise money herself for her soccer dues, her mission trip expenses or she wants a new laptop...

Whether your son wants to be the next eSports Champion and needs the latest and greatest gaming hardware...

Whether you are president of your sorority or coach of your youth hockey team and you want to manage your sisters or your team members to raise funds for your group's needs...

Or whether you are the development director of your non-profit organization, the chairman of your high school sports booster club or the person in charge of raising funds for another entity...

Fundaway® places the opportunity to earn, learn and manage in the palm of your hand.

How does Fundaway® work?


Sign-up individually, on your own or by invitation from a Fundaway® Team Manager, to become a Registered User of Fundaway® and receive step-by-step instructions during the registration on-boarding process.


Choose the Service Items you would like to offer in your own Fundaway® Store, or if you are a Team Manager or Campaign Director, choose those you would like your Fundraising Team or Campaign Teams to offer across either a 30 Day Campaign or a 45 Day Campaign.


On your Store’s Dashboard, track your Campaign’s progress in Real-Time. That is, you can view the status of your Individual Campaigns, your Team’s Campaigns or your Organization’s Campaigns. At any given time you can monitor where you are against the goals you set.


Keep more of the money you raise. Fundaway® Campaigns have the potential to raise significant funds during 30 Day and 45 Day Campaigns at a very low Cost Per Campaign to each User.


No Risk Campaigns. Users who do not sell any services do not pay any fees.